An award-winning digital and social campaign for Acura’s winter sales event.

This project was a fun slot car race live streamed on Periscope to raise money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Viewers tapped “hearts” for either car on Periscope to control the speed of the cars as they raced.

I consulted for Razorfish on this project and created the hardware/software interface that received a “heart rate” (how many people were tapping the hearts) for each slot car. This interface controlled the speed of the cars – the more hearts at any moment, the faster the corresponding car would go.

The interface included a simple adjustment knob, which allowed the producers to adjust the speed of the cars in real time as the number of audience hearts changed unpredictably. This enabled them to keep the cars from crashing off the track and created a smoother and more interesting race.

Project website with credits